Shaista Khaliq

Shaista Khaliq - Photograph - Copy

Chief Operating Officer

Architectural design was the road I took, but Operations and Management of an Architectural Firm was my destination, this only became clear once I traveled for a fair time and distance on it. Little did I know how very busy the road would be, yet it continues to be the fuel that powers my days and gives direction to my life.

Having done my Bachelor of Architecture from Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture in 1997, I joined ASA for an 8-year stint as an Architect/Project Manager. Thereafter, I was appointed the Chief Operating Officer due to my interest and grasp of management aspects of processing projects. The added responsibilities of the COO position deeply involved me into Business Operations, Finance, Public Relations, Contract Administration, Office Administration and Human Resource aspects of running a Private Architectural Firm.

I could not have risen to cope with all this responsibility had it not been for the strong & dynamic yet patient & reassuring guidance received from my mentors Arshad and Shahid Abdulla. Their faith and trust is an added incentive for me to steer ASA to higher and higher levels of performance and integrity.

The ASA machinery is only as good as the individual cogs in it. We have been fortunate to assemble a complete team over the years that we can take pride in. Each individual possesses the fire & enthusiasm, creativity & imagination to propel ASA forward and up, I see only good things for ASA.