Location: Karachi
Size: 2195 Sq. Ft
Completion: 2016

The Waseem Shafi residence makes use of a mix of natural materials to give the space an understated, streamlined style. Designed for a very young family from a humble background, ASA designed this house with minimal expenditure, without compromising on aesthetics. We took it on as a challenge, and used ordinary, ready made materials which are mostly used in low income housing.(specifically in making the roof). The walls were poured in situ, which again lowered the cost of concreteblocks, mason and transportation.

The time to build a full-sized wall was also shortened. It is the process in making that shows ASA’s innovative approach. We then accentuated the roof with exposed RCC beams, painted bright yellow in the patio area , making them a identifiably unique feature of the house. Rather than feeling embarrassed and hiding this technology used in the roof, we wanted to show it off on the outside.