Name of Project
11,000 Sq Ft.
Date of Completion
Interior design, coordination and top supervision
A segment of Unilever offices at Avari have been redesigned by us  in order to bring it  in line with the recent Unilever global rebranding that has taken place. We took on the challenge of creating  a brand new visual identity . Influenced by the global guidelines, we chose to work with “Pattern “ ,  an amorphic shape deduced from the wings of a butterfly. Various forms  deduced from this  shape are used to separate spaces, create ceiling panels, table tops ,  flooring patterns and wall panelling.  We proceeded to design  friendly, fluid workspaces with an emphasis on soft curves. Generous break out spaces, dedicated to specific  departments were planned , where employees convene on a daily basis. Playful colors and  agile work spaces  bring a certain synergy to the space , conducive to its young and vibrant work force.