Unilever Head Office

Name of Project
Unilever Head office
Date of Completion
Interior design, coordination and top supervision
The design concept for the Unilever offices was inspired by their products. Ordinarily, one would only be able to purchase their products at retail outlets. We decided to bring these into their office spaces as small congregational hubs. corner shops were developed where the employees could purchase the products that were on display. Casual meeting spaces were designed as “chai khanaas“ (roadside tea stalls) and ice cream parlours where interactions between colleagues as well as outsiders could take place over a cup of tea , ice-cream or other Unilever distributed products. The ambience of these “chai khanaas “is reminiscent of actual tea stalls abundant in the city of Karachi. Corridors were developed as streets that weave between these “chai khanaas”, and shops connecting them to the work areas.