South City Hospital

Name of Project
South City Hospital
53,000 Sq. Ft.
Date of Completion
Architecture design, coordination and top supervision.
Life and its variant manifestations form the core of a hospital population. It is here that one also witnesses human emotions in their most extreme form. The concept behind South City Hospital was to create an environment that not only caters to bodily treatment but also heals the mind. Hence natural elements such as water, trees, sunlight in the interiors, incorporated with refreshing colours and large glass windows were used to create an environment that represents “life”. South City, essentially a renovation project, lacked the warmth and calming feel in its original form. During the renovation process, details in various spaces such as toilets, delivery rooms, clinics and the ICU, were looked at very sensitively both in their practical and aesthetic function. “Why should a hospital feel like a hospital?” we asked, ”why not a resort.”