Shahid Abdulla Residence

Name of Project
Shahid Abdulla Residence
3,650 Sq. Ft.
Date of Completion
Architecture design and top supervision
A new area, a new neighborhood, brought an opportunity to not only build a nest for myself and family but also offered a chance to experiment. A lot of “what ifs” propped up interesting challenges; what if the house was built totally of local materials, what if the house had no paint; what if the house came across as a resort; what if all the views were internalized; what if the house catered to 3 teenagers and 2 parents; what if all this was achieved on a 400 sqyds plot; what if it was all of the above and also my little piece of heaven on earth. At the end of it all, the challenges were met, new insights gained, peace and tranquility filled my life.