MCB Tower

Name of Project
MCB Tower
230,000 Sq. Ft.
Date of Completion
Architecture and Interior design, coordination and top supervision
MCB Tower is a sleek modern icon of its time, built on a very small site. The brief posed a problem whereby functions dictated a tall building, but the structural design threatened to eat away the valuable office space. An ingenious relocation of the elevators and sheer walls resolved the structure and created vast open space. These were then used creatively for the office interiors. The envelope of the 26-level structure was closed off by a studied mix of curtain-wall and aluminum cladding. Solar orientations were kept in design conversation leading to elevation recesses, screens and horizontal shades/fins. These were all melded together to create a project ushering in modernity on the architectural landscape. Aside from the offices on all levels, pockets of green breathing spaces were created. On the rooftop, a deck was designed with a high glass wall to mitigate the wind impacts and wooden trellises provided shade giving it a soothing ambiance.