HUBCO Head Office

Name of Project
HUBCO Head Office
11,000 Sq. Ft.
Date of Completion
Interior design, coordination and top supervision
HUBCO engaged ASA to design their new offices as they embarked upon a new journey, rebranding was taking place and hence the need for a newer, fresher office environment. Infusing the growing company with a new energy was the primary goal. They were looking for synergy in their new work environment to support their future endeavors and the creation of spaces to support team work. We took the name of the company as a “key word” when designing the spaces, creating a central “Hub” in the very midst of the office. The “Hub” was defined by the Board Room, placed in the middle of the office space and a congregation space just off of it. Concentric elliptical elements already predominant in the HUBCO logo, symbolizing energy fields .These were brought into the central congregation space. A cheerful space was developed here with natural elements, casual benches and snacking area to encourage interaction amongst colleagues. Rugged elements such as corrugated metal sheets, chunky solid wood sections and girder shaped sections were used in the detailing of the office space. Reminiscent of the robust nature of their business