Dolmen City

Name of Project
Dolmen City
3,441,340 sq. ft.
Date of Completion
Architecture and Interior Design, coordination and top supervision
The Client had a dream, a huge dream and he was willing to wait for it to realize - he dreamt of a Dolmen City. Since the Project Site was on the shores of the sea, the entire project, both exterior and interior, was designed along the nautical theme. The project has three levels of Retail space that include top international brands, a Hyper-market and a large food court. All of this activity rotates around a huge Atrium space that provides a much needed breathing space both physically and visually. Two basement levels provide parking spaces needed by the office and retail population. Additional spaces are also allocated above ground for the future parking requirements. All public interior spaces contain design elements that evoke images of marine life, ship decks, draw-bridges and seascapes. Mall atrium floorings are marked by a burst of colour as a reminder of the seascape. The Harbour Front is the signature architectural showpiece of the entire Dolmen City development thus far. THF is a purely office building with a huge white sail in its elevation that dominates the skyline from near and far. Team ASA is continuing to work towards the realization of the original vision/master plan.