Citi Office

Name of Project
Citi Head Office
30,000 Sq. Ft.
Date of Completion
Interior design, coordination and top supervision
Citibank Head Office was located on I.I Chundrigarh road. Our task was to revamp and refresh  the existing interior and achieve a LEED certification for the project as well . To this end we started to examine the existing spaces and quickly realized a tremendous opportunity to bring  abundant natural light into the poorly lit interior. This would involve redoing  the  entire floor plan and starting with a greenfield. We eliminated ,  the double loaded corridor  allowing light to stream into the width of the floor plate. This advantage,  coupled with abundant use of non VOC emitting materials, occupancy sensors and other energy saving measures helped our design achieve a GOLD certification for the project. A vintage vault door was also re-used in the interior as a feature. The design concept  of the office is clean, modern and lively with angular passages that provide changing vistas as one moves through the floor plate.