Summit Tower

Name of Project
Summit Tower
703,000 (Sq. Ft.)
Date of Completion
Architectural Design, coordination and top supervision
The site being on the cusp of the ocean has dynamic views on one side, and city panoramas on the other. A mixed use building with relative height, it has been conceptualized as a vertical city with outdoor green spaces. Retail areas are located at lower levels, offices at midlevel & apartments on top. The individual functions are reflected in the elevations, showing their distinct character yet merging to become a unified whole. Segregation of human as well as vehicular activity was considered paramount in planning to increase security and privacy. A double height recreational area dividing the office and the residential floors has been allocated for a high end club with its ancillary facilities. Each residential floor has four luxury apartments with panoramic views and the double height green courts provide relief on alternate floors enhancing the idea of a creating a residence in the sky.