Location: Karachi
Size: 25,000 Sq. Ft
Completion: 2003

The Nusserwanjee Building was one of ASA’s most ambitious projects, not in terms of scale but in the innovation of restoration. Named after Jamshed Nusserwanji, the 100-year old warehouse and office stands in the heart of Karachi’s busiest commercial district, Kharadar. Originally constructed by his father in 1903, an additional wing to the building was erected in 1919 using RCC for columns, beams and roof and coursed stone masonry.

In 1991, the Nusserwanji building was destined to be demolished, simultaneously the founders of the Indus Valley School were searching for an appropriate space to house the School. 

Shahid Abdulla, one of the founders, suggested relocating the building to the space they had acquired by the sea almost 10 km away. At the time, the thought seemed preposterous but it was an intriguing idea just the same. The commission was a mammoth one: transporting 25,000 Sq ft and 26,000 stones of the building to be dismantled and then re-constructed at the new site.