Covered Area: 2 Plots of 2000 Sq. Yds each – 165,000 Sw Ft Per Unit
Location: Karachi

The Miqdad Residence is a supreme example of spacious elegance for a client that called for a no holds barred design yet wanted a simple, modern and forthright structure. The architectural appeal of the house lies in its sleek lines. The use of materials is restricted to ceramic tiles and wood which is used capaciously in the house – floors, ceilings, decks, railings, moldings, doors and, window frames. The house is laid out to enjoy exquisite views from every room. The office, drawing room, and dining room offer wide panoramic views of the expansive garden. The bedroom has a private view of the swimming pool. Parts of the house has stone cladding which breaks the monotony of the exterior. It is a house well-equipped for entertaining several people at a time and sustaining a high-end lifestyle.