Muhammad Ayub Ghafoor

Photograph - Ayub Ghafoor - Copy

Head, Residences

I began my career in architecture 34 years ago with ASA.  Arshad and Shahid Abdulla have been my mentors ever since and to this day my work and conduct is a reflection of their training.

I started in the Architecture Department working on various projects such as Textile Institute of Pakistan, The Oasis Golf and Aqua Resort, The Kidney Center, The Dolmen Mall, MCB Head Office, Tabba Heart Institute and many others.  I now head the Residence Department, working on residences of various size and scale with plots ranging from 500 sqyds to 9 acres.

Each residential project has been a test of my creativity and knowledge of materials and details, as well as being a source of growth and inner satisfaction.  Clients invest a lot of time, money and emotions into building their dream homes so it naturally motivates me to invest even more in turning their dreams into reality.