Meezan Bank

Location: Karachi
Size: 80,000 Sq. Ft
Completion: 2011

Meezan Bank has been reputed as one of the fastest growing Islamic banks in the country and the design concept had to match the dynamism and vitality of its growth. ASA chose to combine a modern minimalism with imposing elegance, befitting the distinct outlook of the organization. The robust, bold lines of the exterior are symbolic of the strength and reliability of the institution while the interior finishes of pristine white walls, clear glass and gleaming granite juxtaposed with rough cut stone and wood reflect diversity. 

The entire package comes together seamlessly and suggest harmony in its eclectic miscellany. The project included a range of facilities for the workforce such as gym, swimming pool, mini golf, cafeteria, and mosque which enrich the environment. The right ambience is created for the workforce to feel confident and buoyant so that the same emotive concept resonates with them when they interact with their clients.