Covered Area: 60,000 Sq Ft.
Year: 1998
Location: Islamabad

The MCB office in Islamabad is not just another workplace for employees. It is designed on the knowledge that the workspace design affects human behavior, which in turn results directly in productivity for better or worse. Since its inception, Arshad Shahid Abdulla (ASA) knew it was necessary to move away from traditional modes of office design in favor of more dynamic and natural built environments. We take the time to create an interior space that feels more natural, more organic and the result is invariably a sharp increase in productivity and worker satisfaction. Throughout the office, ASA used a mix of soft collaborative and task seating; giving employees more opportunity for movement and customization. Some employees work better at a desk or in an open floor plan while others require movement. This is empowering and gives them ownership making them a vital part of the team and the company. The tall ceiling height and natural light that the building offers and innumerable studies show that workspaces with natural light provide employees with a calm, welcoming environment that makes them healthier and substantially more productive. Natural materials like wood paneling and stone have been used within the building to add to the organic effect and reduce the effect of a cold sterile look while maintaining the sophistication of a world-class office.