Firm History

The history of ASA is rooted in passion, that was stoked in the hearts and minds of both the brothers, Arshad and Shahid Abdulla at an early age. Always loitering around construction areas and tinkering with problems and solutions, they gravitated towards the field of architecture and eventually towards the office of renowned architect of the time, Pyarali Merali.

A long running apprenticeship at Pyarali’s firm galvanized their dreams of one day becoming architects and running their own practice. After Arshad finished his architecture degree from USA, he returned to join Pyarali Merali Associates as partner in 1973. Shahid soon joined him after his own graduation. Destiny played its hand when Pyarali decided to relocate to Canada the following year leaving a full-fledged operating firm in the hands of two young and bright architects. This test was to prove decisive in the fortunes of ASA’s future. The brothers dug in their heels, rolled up their sleeves and slaved away to run and learn the trade at the same time. It made them what they are, and as a result ASA became a testament to their determination and commitment.

In 1978 the firm changed its name to Arshad Shahid Abdulla (ASA). At the time, it was a meager-sized Practice of about 15 or 16 individuals. In 1991, the firm converted into a private limited company under the title of Arshad Shahid Abdulla (Private) Limited. Today it is a bustling architectural company of over 70 professionals comprising of architects, engineers, quantity surveyors and technical production team.

To date, ASA has successfully completed over 500 projects in the disciplines of architecture and interior design across Pakistan as well as overseas. It has built a reputation of innovative designs to the point where today its projects can be singled out from others by its details. However, there is something else that ASA is more proud of building over the years; a reputation for solid integrity and exceptional quality in the services they provide to their clientele.