Collection of Work

At ASA, we do a lot of listening at the inception of a project, listening to the client, listening to the site, listening to opinions, within and without; but most importantly when its time to put it all together, we listen to our inner voice and trust it. Words and visuals spawn dreams which are then given physical form, shape and reality.

Design philosophy is the tool that shapes the reality. Our philosophy is rooted in practicality and simplicity – solve the function and give it form & shape that exudes simplicity. It is in the form and shape of the project that one opens the door to a universe of materials and colors. Our philosophy gravitates towards the basics of earthy and natural embracing permanence. We value the concepts of sustainable architecture and seek to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

The strongest influence on us comes from outside the sphere of design it actually moderates all the ensuing design activities, it is the philosophy of giving the client a project of great worth and satisfaction – something ASA values above all else.