Location: Karachi
Size: 3650 Sq. Ft
Completion: 2003

Shahid Abdulla’s years of experience in residential architecture have allowed him to filter his theory of design to a few basic principles that have served him well. He thus designed for himself and his family a modest house on 400 Sq yards. The central courtyard enclosed by the living spaces around it, making it an introspective space for reflection and gathering. The skylight allows for natural sunlight while the heat dissipates from the jalis installed under the ceiling, thus the interior also remains ventilated. 

Grey unpainted cement walls, wooden flooring and foliage throughout create a natural, yet simplistic environment. The slats of the wooden pergola in the side of the house throw the most interesting shades where potted plants grow. Shahid Abdulla lives up to his belief of using indigenous materials all the while keeping the home comforting and modest.