Mrs. Shazia Naveed Residence

Name of Project
Naveed Ahmed Residence
32,500 Sq. Ft.
Date of Completion
While designing SHAZIA NAVEED’s residence the main brief expressed by the client was to design a spacious, calming house with the resemblance of a resort, with a highlighted ease and fluidity of spaces and their connections. A simple plan was incorporated with the main focus on the massing of the house; large volumes emphasize the permanence of the house while floating slab projections aid in scaling down the massing.     To achieve a resort like ambiance; natural materials have been used, alongwith the detailing of the experiential quality of spaces and how spaces flow from exo to meso to endo. The intertwining of nature; the strategically placed courtyards with water elements and the use of skylights act as pockets, encourage the flow of natural air and sunlight which enter the habitable space.